Beatmaking 101
Mike Moore


Mike Moore
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Lil' Drummaboy Recordings
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Nov 03 2018


10:00 am - 12:00 pm





How To Make Beats (Beatmaking 101)

It’s time to learn the secrets of the Pros. ‘How To Make Beats (Beatmaking 101)’ is your solution to finally understanding the tips and techniques used to craft today’s Beats.

Participants in’How To Make Beats (Beatmaking 101)’ will explore the fundamentals of digital Music Production in a fun and effective way. Some of the topics in this 2-hour workshop include:

– Understanding the sequencer

– Learning the difference between bars and beats

– Using sampling to elevate a beat

– Choosing the right sounds for your music productions

– Arrangement: the key to completed songs

The instructor for (‘How To Make Beats (Beatmaking 101)’) is Mike Moore The Producer. With 10 years of concrete training under his belt, Mike is an audio engineer, music producer, radio producer / host, and film maker. That might sound like a lot, but although he is still a millennial, Mr. Moore has already begun building a career that will undoubtedly be the stuff of legends.

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