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As one of the premier recording studios and music production schools in Philadelphia, Pa, our focus is on providing high-quality recording, mixing and mastering services. We also offer one of the best audio engineering and music production schools in the Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware tri-states region.

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Your recording studio should not only satisfy your unique recording needs, it should exceed your expectations. When it comes to your Music, your Podcast, your Audiobook, your Business, and your Journey, LDB delivers the quality and attention required to achieve world-class results.

About LDB

The mission of Lil’ Drummaboy Recordings (LDB) is to be a resource for Artistic Empowerment, Independence and Self-Sufficiency. For 20 years, we have recorded some of the most inspired artists, bands and musicians in the Philadelphia tri-state area (Philadelphia, New Jersey and Delaware). We have also trained and helped launch the careers of audio engineers, music producers and entrepreneurs. Read Our Story >>

Philadelphia Recording Studio

LDB’s Philadelphia-based recording studio follows in the tradition of other legendary studios that have helped to record, edit, mix and master the soundtrack of generations. Our high-quality, comfortable, professional, private and safe creative environment will be your secret weapon in helping to bring your music, podcast, audiobook or voice-over project to full fruition. LEARN MORE >>

Music Production & Audio Engineering School

Let’s face it. A LOT of independent music projects (and some major label projects) are recorded in home studios. The training and skills required to produce professional-quality audio productions can be expensive and confusing. This is not the case at LDB. Our Music Production & Audio Engineering School has been training audio and production professionals for 15 years. LEARN MORE >>

Original Beats for Sale

Need a beat? Looking for original music for your song, podcast or film project? Well, Sonic Murals (Lil’ Drummaboy Recordings’ Official Production Collective) has you covered. With a combination of seasoned experience, multi-genre musical capabilities, and just overall good vibes, we will deliver the soundtrack to your vision. LEARN MORE >>


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Recent Projects & Happenings

New Pony brings Funk and R&B to the Studio

New Pony brings Funk and R&B to the Studio

Recording and Performing Live Funk Music New Pony (NP) recently stopped by to work on a number of records at Philadelphia-based recording studio, Lil' Drummaboy Recordings (LDB). They filled the studio with some electrifying Funk and R&B. When performing live or in...

A$AP Danny: From LDB Student to the A$AP MOB

A$AP Danny: From LDB Student to the A$AP MOB

When Audio Engineering & Music Production School is Worth It Imagine at 20-years-old you can say that your wildest dream is already real. “I’m just blessed,” says Lil’ Drummaboy Recordings Student, and artist, Danny Wunderkind as he reflects on his accomplishments in...

7 Tips To Preparing For Your Studio Session

7 Tips To Preparing For Your Studio Session

Preparation Is The Key

Preparing for your session at the recording studio will help keep the workflow organized, but more importantly, it will save you money. The old saying, “practice makes perfect”, is especially true when it comes to getting ready to record your latest tunes at a professional recording studio.

Here are 7 things to consider prior to your studio session:

  1. If possible, try to memorize your song lyrics. Even if you bring them with you to the studio, knowing your tunes by heart will improve your delivery and overall performance.
  2. Make sure that you are finished writing your song(s) before your scheduled recording session. Trying to finish your lyrics at the studio will take time away from the actual recording. And, in the recording studio, time is money.
  3. A song typically includes, at a minimum, verses and a hook/chorus. Even if you don’t have a bridge, be sure that your songs have verses and hooks.
  4. Alcohol and drugs tend to impair one’s ability to focus, operate in a professional manner, and gauge the quality of a recorded performance. While these vices might be common at some recording studios, it’s probably not wise to try to record when you’re drunk or stoned.
  5. Meet up with your entourage after your recording session. Don’t bring them to the studio. While it can be a cool ‘scene’ in the studio, you’re there to get a job done. Treat your recording experience with the same amount of professionalism, discipline and integrity as you treat your day job. Again, time is money. And, believe me when I say that bringing non-essential parties to your recording studio session will hinder progress and cost you in the long run.
  6. If you’re singing, rapping, or performing to an instrumental, bring a copy of the instrumental on a flash drive or CD. This is important. Don’t use your studio time to play an instrumental off your smart phone, or have the audio engineer try to download it from YouTube or your email. Your instrumental is your responsibility. Bring it with you. And, if need be, bring two copies.
  7. Be on time to your session. When you operate in a professional manner, you tend to get professional results. Punctuality is a true sign of professionalism. On top of this, starting your session on time will allow you to maximize the total hours that you booked. If you are going to be late, call the studio to let them know. And, realize that your tardiness will count against your total session time. Don’t expect the recording studio to give you more time on the back end to compensate for your lateness.

These are just a few key factors to think about after you’ve booked your studio session and you’re counting down to your recording date. Professional recording studio session rates can vary. But, whether your session costs are in the $40 range, or in excess of $100 per hour, preparing before hand will ensure that you’re at your peak performance capabilities, the session workflow is smooth, and that you are managing your studio budget wisely.

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